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  • Team


    Hussain Ayed


    Hussain has produced podcasts and films on academic research for several years in a drive to explore alternative forms of dissemination. He has worked with academics, research centers, journals and publishers on podcasts and audio development and media training. Hussain is passionate about eradicating inequality in research and higher education.


    Mikhail Silantyev


    Mikhail has worked alongside Hussain on a number of projects prior to the Acaudio web platform. He has a wealth of experience from other industries in designing and developing robust and scalable systems. His critical thinking in development has helped Acaudio overcome many obstacles.



    Senior UI designer

    Olya is a senior UI designer and has worked alongside Hussain in designing the mobile and web apps for Acaudio. Proper to this she worked alongside Hussain on previous projects, adding her touch into equality in academia.


    Vladislav Korotaev

    Senior Back-End Developer

    Vladislav is an experienced back end developer and has been supporting Acaudio in our efforts to scale academic audio production and consumption online. He has a wealth of experience working on both commercial and non commercial apps and tools to support academics.


    Alexey Gruzin

    Head of Operations

    Alexey plays a pivotal role in ensuring an uninterrupted flow of audios to Acaudio. He has been pivotal in establishing internal systems to ensure our audios are checked and authenticated.


    Alan Gleeson

    Sound Engineering Manager

    As both a musician and sound engineer, Alan has vast experience in both music and podcasting. He worked alongside Hussain and a number of research centers to help develop an immersive sound experience for academic research podcast adaptations called “Storytimes”


    Malik Agboola

    Film Production Manager

    Malik transitioned into academic films from the entertainment industry, bringing with him an eye for what works for the masses. Having also worked in the podcasting industry, Malik has supported journals and research centers to present themselves beyond the written word.



    UI designer



    QA engineer

    Olga is a senior QA engineer with a background in both healthcare apps and academic tools. She ensures our systems remain robust as we scale to academics and institutions all over the world.






    Informal Advisory Council

    The following council are supporters of our mission in an informal capacity and have helped us navigate the research industry. They provide us recommendations to ensure we maintain values of equality, academic robustness and inclusivity. They do not hold any formal positions in Acaudio and contribute completely in a voluntary capacity.

    Prof. Abdullah Alhashim

    Professor Abdulla was formerly the assistant General Secretary for the environment and human affairs in the GCC. He has been at the forefront of environmental policy in the GCC region for several decades. Prof. Abdullah is a seasoned environmental science academic and has held many directorships and teaching positions in the field.

    Prof. Brigitte Granville

    Professor Brigitte broke into the field of economics as a trailblazing female in the early 90’s. She was one of the first economists to play an active role in post soviet Russia. Brigitte is an advocate for bold ideas and not adhering to structures that perpetuate inequality. She is currently a senior professor at Queen Mary University of London.

    Dr Johan Rooryck

    Dr Johan has been a leading name in the push for open access in academic research for many years. He is currently the executive director of cOAlition S, the council set up by the European Commission (EC) and the European Research Council (ERC) to make full open access a reality of academics. Johan is a seasoned academic in the field of linguistics.

    Rafael Sidi

    Rafael is an industry veteran and a highly respected figure in academic publishing and research tech. He has been at the forefront of digital transformation in academic research for some 25 years, holding senior positions in leading companies. He also serves on the boards of several companies in the industry.

    Prof. William Tierney

    Prof. William is the founding director of the Pullias Centre for Higher Education at USC and one of the leading voices in higher education policy and college access to underrepresented youth. He is a prolific author and has held a number of esteemed positions across the academic sphere.

    Prof. Lystra Hagley-Dickinson

    Professor Lystra has a wealth of experience in both academia, government and the voluntary sectors. A native of the Caribbean, Lystra has a keen interest in expanding and enhancing the role of the black female across disciplines in academic research. Lystra has also held a number of leadership and editorial roles across industries.