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  • Get your academic research heard by professionals in 4 simple steps

    Your research will be much more easily discovered on Acaudio playlists. Regardless of your area of focus, our specialized audio playlists on each topic will be put in front of the people who need it the most but do not have the time to browse through libraries and journals.

    Step 1: Register your account
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    Step 2: Provide your research details

    This is important for us to ensure that your paper is discovered by our listeners.

    Step 3: Begin your recording

    Record directly or upload your audio

    When you’re ready, record or upload a 5 minutes audio providing your key takeaway from your research. Remember, it is aimed at professionals in industries related to your area of focus and the research community. If you need further guidance, check out our tutorial video here. Please ensure that you are in a closed quiet space, with no background noise. This helps to produce a high quality audio.

    Step 4: Submit your audio

    Now you’re ready to join a playlist so go ahead and submit


    Speak conversationally
    Record somewhere quiet
    Focus on the keypoints that will drive people to your research
    Keep it short and sweet, 5 minutes is the magic number


    Read from a script
    Record in a noisy or large room which produces echo
    Provide too many unnecessary details
    Go beyond 7 minutes duration as longer audios receive less engagement
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