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    Breaking Barriers: Perspectives on Access to Education

    access to education
    Created at: 24-11-2022Last updated: 17-05-2023

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    Breaking Barriers: Perspectives on Access to Education
    access to education
    Created at: 24-11-2022
    Last updated: 17-05-2023

    This playlist brings together the voices of some prominent thinkers who are addressing access to education around the world and how this can be improved. Looking at issues of acces...view more

    A systematic review of ontology use in E-Learning recommender system
     by Nur W. Rahayu


    Inclusion of children with special educational needs and disabilities in physical education: A systematic review and meta-analysis of teachers’ attitudes
     by Giampiero Tarantino


    (Higher) Education Policy and Project Intervention in Cambodia: Its Development Discourse
     by un leang


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