How to use Acaudio

Acaudio is a new and exciting app that is not only making academic work accessible to everyone, but is making it more consumable too. Here at Acaudio, we are driven in tackling inequality within education, and wider society. It is utterly shameful that to access most of the latest research being produced in universities all over the world, one has to pay £9,000 a year (in the UK). Within this, research is often incredible difficult to properly understand. We are tackling both these problems, through Acaudio, making academic research accessible and consumable. 

Acaudio is an app we have created that channels this drive to make research accessible. We are bringing research into one place, and providing a platform for interaction, discussion and consumption. Scholars can upload audio summaries of their work following a standardised format: background, methods, findings and conclusion. We have been working incredibly hard to create a user interface that is friendly, easy to navigate, and enjoyable to use. Keep reading to find out how to get the best out of our app.

For both academics and listeners, the first step is to create your profile. This allows you to produce content, interact with other users, and add summaries to your own personal library. 

For academics:

Uploading summaries of your work is quick and simple, and the app works to guide you through the process step-by-step. This shouldn’t take you longer than 5 minutes (but this is dependent on the length of your summary). 

First, you will be asked to enter the title of your research piece, be it a book or research paper. If applicable, you will also be able to add your co-authors here, and invite them to contribute to the summary. Next, the app moves through each section of the summary. This works as a voice note, and you can record and re-record each section as many times as you like until you’re happy. 

When you’re good, press publish for the world to listen and instantly increase the impact your research has! The audience is ready and waiting…

For listeners: 

Navigating Acaudio is simple. After creating your user profile, you can search topics, academics, or specific research. Working through an algorithm that works to understand what you are listening to, Acaudio will curate specially tailored papers to your homepage everyday. 

You can like and comment (through audio), on summaries, save them for later, and add them to your library. If there is a piece of research that you can’t find, we’ll do our best to rectify this and contact the academic through a request button you can press. 

You can access Acaudio whenever, and from wherever. There is an option to download summaries and listen offline if you need to. 

Benefits of audio for learning:

Being part of the Open Access movement is so exciting, and we are pushing it further by taking academia into the world of entertainment. In revolutionising who, and how people, can access research, we are working to tackle the deep inequalities that persist in our society. The audio summaries will also work to allow for new collaborations, spread the impact of research, and widen the academic playing field to create knowledge centres that disrupt the way knowledge is currently controlled and circulated. 

There is much that points towards the benefits of audio for learning. Not in the least the entertainment element it introduces to the world of academia in this case, but importantly the way it offers a fresh way of learning. Having a break away from screens and allowing information to be consumed in a new way is incredibly refreshing for both the mind and body. An alternative way to learn improves attention and knowledge retention. The summaries mean that information is more nuanced and conversational, with tone and pace offering ways to explain research in a flowing way that text alone could never achieve. The personal manner of the summaries can really develop learning and what people are able to take from the research. There is nothing to lose here, only lots to gain. 

…So, what are you waiting for? Download Acaudio now and join the research revolution!