Frequently Asked Questions

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Which subjects and disciplines are on Acaudio?

Academic research papers from any and every discipline are hosted on Acaudio. Whether you are looking for the latest medical research papers to social science papers, or anything in between, we have it at Acaudio.

Is Acaudio free?

Yes. Acaudio is free to use with the presence of ads. This helps fund our project and sustain it, so we can keep widening access to academic research. There is an option to purchase a Premium version at £5.99/month or £59.99/year. Features include the removal of ads, and offline listening.

How do I record a summary of my research paper?

Once you have an approved account, you can easily add a research paper summary. You simply need to click the 'create' button and fill out the details of your paper using the prompts we provide. Here you will need to include the title and any co-authors. You will then be asked to answer questions about the four key parts of your research paper: background, methods, key findings, and conclusion(s). This is done by recording using your phone, via our app. You are able to re-record each section as many times as you need. Once you submit, we will clean up the audio file and upload it. It's that simple.

What if I have co-authors, can they record with me?

Yes. When you record the summary of your research paper you have two options: record it all yourself or invite a co-author to record it. If you choose to invite someone to record, they will receive an email alert with a link taking them to the recording page.

Can I make a summary of work that is not a published research paper?

Yes. We have focussed on research articles as the most popular methods for publishing academic work. However, we welcome various types of publications ranging from books, book chapters, book reviews, monographs, and other unpublished materials. You will still need to answer the standardised questions of Acaudio that allow listeners to follow the gist of your research.

Is Acaudio profiting from my work?

Our platform is designed to widen access as much as possible, and in the most sustainable way. While we do charge for unlimited access, we expect most users to use the free version. This means that the fees we charge will be used only to sustain the operations of Acaudio so that more work can be constantly added to the library, and we can keep pushing the Open Access movement forwards.

Can I cite Acaudio audio papers?

We provide links to academic research papers so that you don't need to go looking for them. This will allow you to properly reference the article summary you listen to.

Does Acaudio offer student discounts?

As we are still in our early days, unfortunately we are unable to offer student discounts. However, we are working hard to be able to put a student offer in place so that students from around the world can get access to Acaudio at a reduced price.

I am a doctoral student, can I summarise my article or my PhD thesis?

Yes. We welcome you to share an audio summary of your research or PhD thesis, since they too contribute to the overall body of knowledge in your field of study.

Can I get full access to Acaudio through my university like other academic journals?

As of now we only offer individual memberships. That means currently you can only get ad-free access directly by subscribing. As more students request university access we will be able to provide memberships to universities so that you do not have to pay.

How does my Acaudio Premium membership work?

You will then have unlimited access to all the research on the app, which is completely uninterrupted and ad-free. You will also be able to listen to summaries offline.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes. If you would like to cancel your membership, you can do this through your device's app store or settings.

Can I reinstate a cancelled membership?

If you have cancelled your membership but still have time before your next billing date then you will continue to have unlimited access. If you'd like to reinstate your membership past the billing date you must subscribe again as usual or contact support.