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  • FAQ

    Welcome to the FAQ section of Acaudio website! Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions that we have received over the years. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of frequently asked questions to help you navigate our services and make informed decisions. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer support and we encourage you to contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns beyond what is covered in this FAQ section. We hope you find this resource helpful and informative.

    What is Acaudio? Acaudio is a startup with a vision to make academic research highly accessible and impactful. To achieve that, we developed a web-based application that enables researchers to share their research insights and summaries in concise and engaging audio format. Researchers can use our record functionality to create 5-7 minute audios, which are then included in niche playlists alongside other research in the same field. This allows listeners to explore the latest research, including yours, on specific topics from around the world.
    Is Acaudio free to use? Acaudio strongly advocates for open science and offers a completely free and open-access platform for both researchers and listeners. Invited researchers can utilize our platform to increase the discoverability of their research at no cost, while listeners have full access to the knowledge content on Acaudio.
    What are the benefits of joining the playlist for researchers? Contributing your audio to Acaudio’s playlist as a researcher offers several benefits, including increased discoverability by being part of a curated playlist of research on the same topic from around the world, global exposure to a wide audience, quick and dynamic engagement with listeners, full accessibility through free and open access, and networking opportunities with other researchers in your field. By leveraging Acaudio’s platform, you can enhance the visibility, accessibility, and impact of your research, potentially leading to broader dissemination of your findings and fostering collaboration opportunities.
    What does the process look like for researchers? After receiving an invitation from us via email, which includes necessary information and guidance, you can record or upload your audio. Once submitted, a confirmation email will be sent. We will then review the audio, which typically takes about 2 days. If approved, your audio will be made public and shared in the playlist. If any issues arise, we will contact you for resolution.
    Who will listen to my audio? Our platform users are divided into two main categories: professionals and the general audience. Professionals are individuals working in industries where your research audio would be highly valued and potentially implemented in their processes. When you share your research in one of our playlists, it will be promoted to professionals in related fields, facilitating knowledge consumption. The general audience consists of research communities, university students, non-profit organizations (NGOs), and individuals who are curious to learn more.
    Is there a deadline to submit an audio for researchers? We encourage invited researchers to provide their audio within 2 weeks of receiving the invitation email from us, allowing us to promote their work to professionals in related fields while highlighting its recentness and relevance. We understand that this may not always be feasible, so feel free to get in touch with us to discuss any concerns.
    What should be the content of the audio? As the author, the audio provides your insights on the research. Its goal is not to replace the original full-text article, but to complement and provide an engaging overview for readers. Therefore, researchers can begin by briefly introducing the research background and method, emphasizing the key findings, and elaborating on their implications. Other academics have also utilized this opportunity to discuss areas of the research that were not thoroughly unpacked in their paper due to word count limits. Furthermore, researchers are encouraged to talk about any follow-up projects stemming from the discussed research work.
    My research has multiple authors. Can more than one author make the audio? Absolutely! Our system can easily identify audio corresponding to the same research article using the DOI link. Initially, you may have been the only one to receive the invitation as you are the primary or corresponding author. However, once your audio is live, we will request contact information for your co-authors, ensuring they are also notified and invited to provide their invaluable insights.
    Does the audio need to be in English? Currently, our available playlists are meticulously curated to be in English, with the aim of maximizing the visibility of your research work. However, we are actively working on developing a more inclusive and diversified playlist that will cater to a multitude of languages, ensuring that your research reaches an even wider and more diverse audience.
    Can the audio be shared on other platforms? Acaudio fully supports maximizing the discoverability of academic research. In addition to sharing the audio link, we provide a widget code that can be embedded on other platforms, such as your personal website or university page. You can find this widget code by clicking on the “share” button next to your audio.
    Can I record an audio for my other research articles? Yes, you can. However, to ensure that your research audio is included in the most relevant playlist and be discovered by the right individuals, do get in touch with our team to discuss further.
    If everything is free, how does Acaudio generate its revenue? We also collaborate with publishers and companies. While our services are licensed to these organizations, generating revenue, this approach is slightly different from our collaboration with you as researchers. However, it enables us to maintain the platform as fully open access for our valued users.
    Who reserves the rights to the audio recordings? Acaudio reserves the rights to the audios posted on our platform. This is because we generate analytics of the audio, which will be shared with the research authors to give them better understanding about their audiences. By analysing the engagement of listeners with your audio, we will be able to optimise and improve our services for both researchers and listeners.