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Developing Online Teaching in Higher Education: A Comprehensive CPLD Model for Educators

Enhance Your Online Teaching Skills with Dr. Richard Walker and Dr. Dianne Forbes’ Comprehensive CPLD Model, Informed by Global Research, for Effective Online Teaching in Higher Education The Covid-19 pandemic has forced educators, including those in higher education, to quickly adapt to online teaching. However, without proper training and resources, this transition has been challenging […]

Unlocking the Future of Money: A Sneak Peek into Central Bank Digital Currencies

Here’s a preview of a research audio that you will not want to miss: Central bank digital currencies: An agenda for future research. An academic paper by Ahmed H. Elsayed and Muhammad Ali Nasir. Are you curious about digital currencies? As the world of finance evolves, CBDCs have emerged as a hot topic. In this […]

Reducing Household Food Waste: Insights from Joana Simões et al. Latest Research

Discover sustainable ways to reduce food waste and be part of the solution Join us for an engaging audio presentation by Joana Simões, a dedicated PhD student at the University of Lisbon, Portugal, who is passionate about finding sustainable solutions to reduce household food waste. In her latest research, Joana delves into the drivers and […]

Unleashing the Potential of Computer-Assisted Diagnosis (CAD): Insights into Advancing Breast Cancer Detection

Discover the potential of computer-assisted diagnosis in breast cancer detection: Insights from Dr. Chetna Kaushal et al. research Join us for an enlightening audio by Dr. Chetna Kaushal, an esteemed Assistant Professor at Chitkara University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Chitkara. Her research, published in IRBM, sheds light on the latest trends in computer-assisted diagnosis […]