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Unmasking the Hidden Forces: Dr. Razan Salem’s Fascinating Journey in Behavioural Finance

Step into the captivating world where finance and human behaviour intertwine, where numbers tell stories and decisions are guided by the mysterious workings of the mind. Meet Dr. Razan Salem, a trailblazing scholar and finance aficionado who dares to venture beyond the traditional confines of economic theory. With a deep passion for unravelling the enigma […]

Empowering Change: An Interview with Arryn Guy on Innovative Strategies to Reduce Alcohol Use

In our interview, researcher Arryn Guy shares innovative strategies to address alcohol use. Focusing on discrimination and alcohol problems among HIV-positive men, Arryn’s work highlights the power of motivational interviewing as an intervention. Join us to explore their research, challenges faced, and inspiring efforts to make a difference. Let’s empower change and reduce alcohol use […]