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  • Developing Online Teaching in Higher Education: A Comprehensive CPLD Model for Educators

    Enhance Your Online Teaching Skills with Dr. Richard Walker and Dr. Dianne Forbes’ Comprehensive CPLD Model, Informed by Global Research, for Effective Online Teaching in Higher Education

    By Acaudio

    The Covid-19 pandemic has forced educators, including those in higher education, to quickly adapt to online teaching. However, without proper training and resources, this transition has been challenging for many. Recognising the importance of continuing professional learning and development (CPLD) in this new landscape, Dr. Richard Walker and Dr. Dianne Forbes introduced a comprehensive CPLD model for educators in their book “Developing Online Teaching in Higher Education,” published in December 2022.

    A Holistic CPLD Model

    The Acaudio team instantly recognised the importance of their work and invited them to share more about it on the platform. In a 7-minute audio, Dr. Walker highlights the need for a sustainable online learning and teaching strategy that involves efforts from everyone, including teaching staff and administrators. He emphasises that there is no universally adaptable CPLD model for improving online teaching and that it should address aspects such as mastering technology, effective delivery approaches, sustainable instructional design, and student engagement. Taking into account the varying levels of staff competencies and unique needs of different departments is crucial in developing a comprehensive CPLD model.

    Drawing on Global Input

    The book draws on the input of researchers from 9 countries in different regions, making it a globally informed resource. Dr. Walker and Dr. Forbes introduced a CPLD model that captures the diverse sources of support available to online instructors, both within and outside their teaching institution. The book also elaborates on how different sources of support can be combined to create personalised learning development pathways for online teaching practice.

    Enhance your online teaching skills with this valuable resource. Listen to Dr. Walker’s insights on the CPLD model and unlock your own and your students’ full potential through online teaching.

    Author’s Insight by Dr. Richard Walker:

    Listen to the complete Access to Education playlist here!


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