Acaudio set to announce a new media training course.

Acaudio was created to help realise the potential that academics and their work have, by changing the way it can be disseminated to, and consumed by, the public. It is free and open access, and works to make research both accessible and consumable to other scholars, students, professionals and the general public.

To bolster the work of the app, Acaudio now offers services to further increase the impact of academic work through audio stories (Acaudio Storytime) and short films (Acaudio Film). Excitingly, Acaudio is now set to launch its very first training course for academics, to streamline these efforts aimed at increasing the impact of academic research.

This has come after extensive research through the app, and discussions with universities, librarians and academics. There seemed to be an overwhelming desire for some extra training in how to take full advantage of the what the media can offer academics and their work. Occupying the space media can provide to academics is something Acaudio not only wants to facilitate, but wants to help people navigate with confidence.

As such, Acaudio is soon set to launch a media training course specifically for academics. It is titled ‘Introduction to Media for Academics’, and is run by the founder of Acaudio and The Know Show Podcast, Hussain Ayed. Hussain specialises in research impact and is experienced in working at the intersection of academic research and entertainment. He is an expert in academic audio, and his background in entertainment positions him perfectly to help guide academics in the media space to bridge these two worlds.

The course is concise and is set to have six sections, with an introduction and summary. These cover media awareness, personal awareness, language, audio, video, and outreach and promotion. Being well versed in making information easy to consume, we have worked hard at Acaudio to distil our expertise into what has essentially become a  media toolkit, which can be applied to all academics in all disciplines. We are driven by helping promote research, and we want to empower academics to be able to do this themselves, making use of the spaces available in our society today.

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