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Academic + Audio = Acaudio.

We are building the impact highway between academics and the wider world. To do this, we've organised research around real world problems that only you, the researcher, can solve.

I invite you to join the platform so that together we can impact the world with research. Or you can do nothing. Regardless, we will still champion you!

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What we’re all about

No research should ever be produced and buried so deep in a database that locating it is in itself an achievement. Our playlist method ensures that research publications all have the potential to remain ever green and discoverable by anyone interested in the topic.  

When you frame your research, or knowledge you have built as a result of being a researcher, as an opinion or a potential solution to someone’s problem, you unlock enormous productive potential. We have removed the boundaries set by academia that silence opinion and limit the amount of people who can benefit from research.

The price of publishing at a well-known journal should not be a factor in getting the deserved visibility for your research. Only the quality of your research and your drive to contribute to solving societies problems should decide who sees and uses your work. 

The nature of our platform is community-based. By participating in various playlists according to your interest, you’ll be discovered by other important thinkers around the world in the same space. Even better, you’ll have a direct channel with businesses, professionals, stakeholders and members of the public who want to collaborate with you and support your efforts. 

We want you to do what you do best and not be distracted by the cumbersome admin of having to promote your research. Let us take care of that so you can continue to solve problems that will benefit society.