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  • About Us

    Acaudio is where academic research is told through conversations and talks with the authors. We bridge the thirst for knowledge with the people who create it.

    Our Vision

    Our Mission

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    Our Values

    Our story

    Acaudio is the world’s academic research audio hub. It started off as an experiment in research dissemination. Now it is a journey into the future of research, where the greatest minds can impact society all the time.

    July 2019

    We begin with the hypothesis “Access to academic research increases by changing the medium”.

    Nov 2019

    The Know Show podcast is launched to make academic research accessible through an informal chat. Episode 1 received 5000 listens and views.

    April 2020

    Lockdown accelerates demand from researchers to share their work. We reach 100 episodes with 900 average listens.

    Dec 2020

    Mobile app development begins to cater to the waiting list of 1100 academics who want to share their research in audio. We begin ‘self-record’ experiments.

    Sep 2021

    Mobile app beta released to 1000 university students, 300 members of the public and 10,000 academics.

    Dec 2021

    Acaudio receives 2 acquisition offers from key industry players. We launch our conversion service, where we help journals convert their research into digestible audio summaries. We also launch Storytimes - a service that adapts research into an immersive story.

    Feb 2022

    We respond to demand for a web version and begin focusing attention to building a web version.

    Jun 2022

    Acaudio signs a major deal to convert academic journals into audio summaries. Another acquisition offer is rejected.

    Dec 2022

    We Introduce our pages for journals and research centers to organize their audios and generate analytics to help them better understand their audience. We sign partnerships with 43 journals and 51 research centers in our first week.

    Mar 2023

    Acaudio signs 1000 journals and 2000 research centers. Daily research uploads surpassed 500 audios.

    Dec 2024

    Acaudio has become one of the most important academic research libraries in the world.